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       20161月版 Ref: VPWM2016.01

    Vega Seat Products Warranty Manual

          January 2016   


Dear customer:


Thank you for choosing Vega seat Products!


In order to give you a better understanding and experience of Vega seat Products and effectively protect your rights, please read this manual and the usage instruction inside carefully.


When your Vega seat Products requires maintenance or repair, please be sure to contact us or our authorized service stations where we will provide with professional repair and original parts to ensure you more convenient services.


This manual will provide a wide range of information about Vega seat Products Please read and use this manual carefully!                          








Notice to customers

1. 为了您更好地享有您应得的权益,请仔细阅读本手册,并敬请妥善保管好本手册,当您的维嘉汽车座椅需要保修或索赔时,请按照本手册规定与本公司联系。

In order to better enjoy the benefits you deserve, please read this manual carefully and keep this manual in safe. When your seat requires repair in warranty period or reimbursement, please contact us in accordance with the provisions of this manual.

2. 本公司将为您的维嘉汽车座椅提供一年半的保质期及一年的保用期服务(自座椅交付客户之日起计)。

  We will provide every Vega seat Products 1.5 years of Quality Guarantee and 1 year Warranty service (start from the date of delivery of the seat).

3. 在您购买维嘉汽车座椅后,本公司将为您的维嘉汽车座椅提供:A) 保质期服务  B) 保用期服务

After the purchase of Vega seat Products you will get services below:  A) Quality Guarantee service  B) Warranty service

4. 若您未能在规定的时间提出保质或保用申索,您将丧失获得本公司提供的免费保质、保用服务的权利;免费保质或保用服务只能在本公司认可或指定的服务站进行。

If you don’t apply for the Quality Guarantee services or Warranty services within the prescribed time, you will lose access to these free services. The free Quality Guarantee services or Warranty services can only be accepted in service stations approved or authorized by us.

5. 您的维嘉汽车座椅一旦出现问题,请及时到本公司认可或指定的服务站进行鉴定和检修,并在修理时使用原厂配件,确保您的维嘉汽车座椅处于良好的状态,同时请给予本公司认可或指定的服务站充分合理的时间进行必要的维修。

Once there is any problem with your Vega Seat Products, please go to our approved or authorized service station to get it checked and repaired in time, and be sure to use the Parts & Accessories from the original factory so that to ensure your Vega seat Products being in perfect condition. By the way, please give our approved or authorized service station enough and reasonable time for necessary repairs.

6. 请严格按照《注意事项》中的规定进行妥善存放、安装、使用及定期保养维嘉汽车座椅,否则您将失去获得本公司提供的免费保质、保用服务的权利;维修及保养工作,可在本公司认可或指定的任何一家服务站进行,本公司建议您优先联系本公司,本公司将为您联系最佳的服务站为您提供专业的售后服务。

Please properly store, install, use and regularly maintain your Vega seat Products strictly according to the provision in this Manualotherwise you will lose the right to free Quality Guarantee services or Warranty services. You can get the maintenance and repair service in any approved or authorized station of us. However, we recommend that you first contact us in advance and we will contact the best station to provide you professional after-sales service.

7. 若您擅自改装、加装或自行维修维嘉汽车座椅,造成的任何直接或间接损失,本公司将不承担任何责任,同时,您将失去获得本公司提供的免费保质、保用服务的权利。

If you modify, retrofit or repair your Vega Seat Products on your own without our authorization and thus cause any direct or indirect damageswe will assume no responsibility and at the same time you will lose access to free Quality Guarantee services or Warranty services.

8. 凡购买维嘉汽车座椅的用户,均视为认可本公司对维嘉汽车座椅的保质、保用服务规定,请您认真阅读本手册,以免因违反相关条款而失去获得本公司提供的免费保质、保用服务的权利;本手册将随购买合同提供并在本公司官方网站上公示供您查阅,为使用方便,请您在购买时一并向本公司业务部索取并妥善保管;本手册的保质、保用服务规定,包含但不限于在中华人民共和国境内 (含香港、澳门特别行政区)有效。

All purchaser of Vega Seat Products are deemed to have accepted the Quality Guarantee services or Warranty services provision of us. Thus, please read this manual carefully so as not to lose the right to Quality Guarantee services or Warranty services for violating related terms and conditions. This manual will be provided together with purchasing contract and also be available on our official website for your reference. For your convenience, please ask for this manual from our sales department while purchasing and keep it in safe. The Quality Guarantee services or Warranty service provision in this manual are valid in but not limited to the People's Republic of China territory (including Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R.)



Vega Seat Products storage and installation notes


1. 请认真阅读并严格按照本《注意事项》中的要求妥善存放、安装、使用维嘉汽车座椅。

Please read the Vega Products storage and installation notes carefully and properly store, install and use Vega Seat Products strictly in accordance with the requirements of it.

2. 请注意检查订购、选用的维嘉汽车座椅,应与您收货时的规格、配置及功能一致。

Please make sure that the specifications, configurations and functions of the Vega Seat Products you received are same as what you choose and order.

3. 请注意当收货、储存、摆放、安装维嘉汽车座椅前,请检查座椅有否有破损或失效状况,如有,请尽快向本公司报备、索赔。

Please check if there is any damage or malfunction with the Vega Seat Products before you sign the receipt, store, display and install the Vega Seat Products. If there is, please report and claim to us as soon as possible.

4. 严禁露天或在无保护状况下存放维嘉汽车座椅。

Outdoor and unprotected storage of Vega Seat Products is forbidden.

5. 在取存、安装维嘉汽车座椅时,应注意须按《注意事项》提供的方法处理维嘉汽车座椅。

Please make sure to use, store and install the Vega Seat Products according to the methods provided in the Vega Products storage and installation notes.

6. 维嘉汽车座椅安装后,若出现各种异响、振动等异常情况或发生故障,用户应立即停止使用并联系本公司认可或指定的服务站进行维修。切勿自行维修或继续使用,若因此导致座椅故障扩大或损坏的,本公司将不承担任何责仼。

If there is any abnormal noise and vibration or any malfunction happens to the Vega Seat Products after installation, users should stop using it immediately and contact the approved or authorized service station for repairing. Do not repair it by yourself or continue to use it, otherwise we will not bear any liabilities for the enlarged breakdown or damages.




Vega Seat Products Quality Guarantee & Warranty Terms & Conditions



1.1        保质及保用:维嘉汽车座椅在本手册规定的使用条件和期限内(不含因错误安装或安装缺而引致的故障),因自身的设计、制造、组装及材料质量问题,出现各类故障或零部件损坏,本公司将为用户提供维修服务或更换相应零部件,以确保座椅的正常使用。

Quality Guarantee & Warranty: We will provide repair or parts replacement services within the terms and conditions specified in this manual (excluding faults due to incorrect installation or installation defects) to ensure the normal use of the seat if the malfunction or the accessories damage is due to the design, manufacture, assembly problems or material quality.

1.2        保质期:以本公司交货之日起18个月为限,本公司免费提供保质服务,包括材料费用和工时费用。

Quality Guarantee period: We offers free quality guarantee including materials and labor costs within 18 months from the date of delivery.

1.3        保用期:以保质期届满之日起12个月为限,本公司免费提供保用服务,只免工时费用而不包括材料费用。

Warranty period: We provide free Warranty services within 12 months from the date of expiration of Quality Guarantee period but only labor fees and excluding material fees.

1.4        保质及保用范围

Terms & Conditions of Quality Guarantee & Warranty



The scope of our repair commitment within the Quality Guarantee & Warranty period regarding the seat damages due to material quality or workmanship.

1)      修理或替换有问题的配件---(只适用于保质期内)

    Repairing or replacing the defected parts (only within Quality Guarantee period)      

2)      修理或替换有问题的配件所需要的有关材料---(只适用于保质期内)

Materials needed for repairing or replacing the defected parts (only within Quality Guarantee period)

3)      修理或替换有问题的配件所需的工时费

    Labor fees related to the repair or replacement of the defected parts

4)      修理有问题的配件

    Repairing the defected parts

5)      不包括本公司技术人员外出提供的救援服务和/或任何商业利益费用

    Rescuing services provided by after sales service people or any costs for commercial benefits not included in the scope.

2       保修范围及期限

Range and period of quality guarantee & warranty service


Whenever the customer install the Vega Seat Products, we only accept 6 months of warehouse storage period since the date Vega Seat Products is delivered to customer (Successful delivery depends upon the bills of lading, cargo receipt or the invoice issued by us, and the one arrive first will define as the delivery date ). Anyone who install Vega Seat Products out of this period will be deemed to voluntarily give up the free Quality Guarantee & Warranty services we provide. We will assume no responsibilities for the installation, usage and maintenance of the Vega Seat Products.




Quality Guarantee & Warranty period and service list




Free quality guarantee services


Within 18 month from the date of delivery


(including the material and labor cost)


Chair legs, seat cover, underframe, pedal, seat cushions, back rack, forms, gas springs, side cover, back panels, handles, net, cup holders, seat belts, dining tables, buttons.



Free warranty services


Within 12 month from the date of expiration of the quality guarantee period                             (不包括材料费用只免工时费用)

(Labor cost only and excluding material cost)


Chair legs, seat cover,  underframe, pedal, seat cushions, back rack, forms, gas springs, side cover, back panels, handles, net, cup holders, seat belts, dining tables, buttons.


         3       不予保修的情形

Cases without free quality guarantee & warranty

            3.1        用户未妥善搬运、存放、安装、使用及维修维嘉汽车座椅导致座椅任何破损或功能失效的。

Any damages or malfunction caused by improper handling, storage, installation, operation and maintenance of Vega Seat Products..

            3.2        购货合同、订单、发票或受保凭证上的座椅品牌、型号、排产单识别代码与要求保修的座椅的品牌、型号、排产单       识别代码不符的。

Discrepancy between purchase contract, order, invoice or the claimed seat regarding the seat brand, model and the identification code on the products VIN plate.

            3.3        车辆在运输、仓储过程中用户人为造成座椅损坏或零件丢失的;用户购买维嘉汽车座椅时,已被书面告知产品存在       瑕疵的。

Damages or parts lose caused during transport or storage by user; Cases in which user is informed of the product defects when he was buying the Vega Seat Products..

            3.4        因用户未正确搬运、安装、使用、维护、修理维嘉汽车座椅而造成的人为损坏。

Man-made damages caused by the user’s improper handling, installation, use, maintenance and repairing of the Vega Seat Products.

            3.5         由于外部原因造成维嘉汽车座椅损坏的,如改装结构、外物或利器损伤、化学物品、气体、粉尘、盐、酸等所致的        损坏或腐蚀。

Damages caused by external factors such as structure modification, external object or weapon damage, chemical, gas, dust, salt, acid-induced damage or corrosion.

          3.6        由于不可抗拒的各种自然灾害造成维嘉汽车座椅损坏的,如地震、洪水、泥石流、暴风、冰雹、闪电等其它不利环        境因素。

Damages caused by uncontrollable natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, storms, hail, lightning, and other adverse environmental factors.

          3.7        由于维嘉汽车座椅质量问题引起的索赔事故,未经有关部门勘察或用户未保留好现场实物,导致损坏原因无法分析        或辨认的;或虽经鉴定确属座椅质量问题引起的,但事故产生的间接损失,本公司不予赔偿。

The accident claim induced by Vega seat quality is not compensable if without the survey by related department or the accident spot is not well preserved and the real cause of the accident is hard to identify. Even if the survey shows the cause is the Vega car seat, the indirect losses of the accident is not compensable.

          3.8        因本公司维修维嘉汽车座椅而涉及车辆停驶期间产生的电话费、出差费、住宿费、租车费、交通费、牵引费、搬运        费等,以及客户无法正常工作的经济损失、名誉损失、精神损失等一切间接损失,本公司均不予赔偿。

Any indirect losses caused during the repairing period of Vega Seat Products. such as call fees, travel costs, accommodation cost, car rental, travel expenses, towing fees, handling fees, as well as economic losses, loss of reputation, loss of spirit cause by work disturbance during the repairing period is not compensable.

         3.9        维嘉汽车座椅的易损易耗部件(如椅脚、底架、脚踏、座垫、背架、侧冚、背板、拉手、网袋、杯架、安全带、餐       桌、按钮等制品零件)的正常磨耗、老化和座椅外观油漆的磨损或锈蚀,本公司不予赔偿。

Normal wear and tear, aging and wear or corrosion on the appearance of the Vega Seat Products’ normal wearing and consumable parts (such as chair legs, underframe, foot, seat cushions, back frame, side frame, back panels, handles, net, Cup holders, seat belts, dining tables, buttons etc.) is not compensable.

3.10     用户未按《使用说明书》中的规定进行正确的使用、保养及维护维嘉汽车座椅及/或使用不符合维嘉汽车座椅规定的原厂零件或物料而发生的损坏,本公司不予赔偿。

Any damage caused by using, maintaining and preserving the Vega Seat Products against the provisions of the Usage Manual and/or not using original Vega Seat Products parts or materials, is not compensable.

3.11     非由本公司指定的服务站,修理或保养的维嘉汽车座椅,以及因安装了非本公司纯正配件及附件所引发的故障或扩大的故障。

Any Vega Seat Products repaired or maintained in non-specified service station as well as malfunction or expansion of malfunction caused by installation of ingenuine parts and accessories is not compensable.

3.12     安装维嘉汽车座椅后出现的各种异响、振动等异常情况或发生故障后,用户自行处置不当或仍继续使用,导致故障扩大或损坏的部分。

The expansion of malfunction and more serious damages caused by the user’s wrong handling or continue usage after all kinds of noise, vibrations and other abnormalities or when a fault occurs.







4       附则


4.1    手册上的品质保证及保质、保用服务规定,包含但不限于在中华人民共和国境内(含香港、澳门特别行政区)有效。

The Quality Guarantee & Warranty regulated in the Manual are valid in but not limited to the People's Republic of China territory (including Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R.).

4.2        与本公司售出的维嘉汽车座椅品质有关的所有争议,客户均可向深圳仲裁委员会申请仲裁。

Customers can go to Shenzhen Arbitration Commission for arbitration if there is any dispute related to Vega Seat Products sold by us. 

4.3        本手册是本公司与客户之间关于维嘉汽车座椅的品质保证责任、期限、服务等方面权利与义务的约定,是购货合同的附件,双方均应严格遵守。

This manual is an agreement between us and our customers regarding the rights and obligations in terms of Vega Seat Products quality assurance responsibilities, terms and service and is also an annex to the purchase contract which both sides should strictly abide by.

4.4        本手册中任何条款如有违背国家法律、法规的,均不影响其他条款的有效性。

Any provision in this manual in violation of national laws and regulations shall not affect the validity of the other provisions

4.5        本公司拥有对本手册的修改、补充、撤销权及最终解释权,并保留进一步改进维嘉汽车座椅的权利;对于本手册的任何更改,本公司将在官方网站上进行公示而不予另行单独   书面告知。

We have the right to the modifications, supplements, cancellation and final interpretation of this manual. And we also reserve the right to further improve Vega Seat Products. Any changes in this manual will be shown on our official website but will not be separately informed in any further written forms .